Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I walk to work every morning and on my way I pass a pillar box. In fact, I pass several, but this one , one morning last month, had been covered in white paint. Senseless vandalism I thought and carried on walking. The next morning, I discovered that someone had painted over the white in a rather artistic and attractive way as well as painting question marks on the ground. I was won over, what a neat idea, not vandalism at all. Of course, I never managed to remember to take my camera and then, quite efficiently and quickly, the Post Office must have come round and repainted it in its original red. Too late for that photo. So, my regret was that I hadn't taken the opportunity when I had it.
But I was just thinking to myself, I bet someone took a photo if only I could contact them in some way. And that is the marvel of the web. There is a site called flikr where you can post your photos and tag (label) them. So I searched for a photo tagged norwich and post and box and look what I found (hope this link works)
If it doesn't, try copying and pasting. Hope you like it!


At 4:39 pm, Blogger ivankapekarka said...

I took a tour slide-presentation tour round the municipal library back home, apart from many other things, when you shared the secret about flicker with us.
Thanks a lot. Ivana


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